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Spinning Computer Wheels

For days upon days I have searched the Internet and magazines for an inexpensive and custom solution for a web design program to run on our PC laptop. My goal is a fresh new website design that will actually “work” correctly for SEO and grab attention of the site.brokenarrowwear, throttler, motorcycle, dirt, bike, magazine, IA, harley

Being a Macintosh user most of my life in the Art Scene, I am clueless when it comes to running a PC. And don’t get me started on mixing up the two different keyboards and key commands and misplacing my fingers just to copy and paste.

My search wielded many different types of free programs but they mostly come with some sort of restriction. Restrictions for either, importing, printing or saving have been placed in programs that eventually persuade the user to upgrade to the paid version of any said software.

The end result to my searching has been much wasted time and blurry eyes. I’ve spun my wheels watching sales tutorials and reading about who’s better than the other. The bottom line here is that I need to go back to my comfort zone of the Macintosh and sharpen my Dreamweaver skills.