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Motorcycle Touring Motel Considerations

touring on motorcycles

Motorcycle Hotels

This type of accommodation has been designed for business people who need to spend a prolonged amount of time away from their homes, as well as individuals that require temporary lodgings while they find a permanent place to stay.

The best method to conduct your search is to use the information available online. You can browse the websites of various motels to get a clear picture as to the type of establishment and their desirability.

Be aware that many of these businesses will require guests to commit to a minimum stay. This may be as little as two weeks, or perhaps a month or more. Always find out such information before making a booking and arriving on your motorcycle.

One of the main reasons for choosing this type of accommodation is that it is usually an economical option. If you were to book a room in a regular hotel, the daily rates may add up to an extortionate amount over time. Another option would be to take a short lease on an apartment, but this would usually involve a large advance and the arranging of utility bills and other expenses.

Be aware of the differences in the type of facilities that can be offered. It would be useful if you are clear on the type of facilities and services you would like to have access to. Many of these motels provide suites that have a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Being able to prepare you own food is important if you are going to be away from home for a lengthy amount of time.

An added advantage of an extended stay hotel or motel is that chores such as laundry for your custom printed apparel and room cleaning can be taken care of on your behalf. Find out whether this is included in the cost or if an additional charge would be required.

If you need access to the internet, look for an establishment that offers free wi-fi. This is now a common service and one that is important if conducting business the same as offering a magazine to read.

Do not overlook the importance of location. You should find out how easy it is to reach your place of work as well as local restaurants, entertainment venues, or other places of interest.

My Harley Davidson

As I would ride down the road or roll up to a stop sign on my Yamaha V-Star, there was always that thing in the back of my head that kept saying, “You want a Harley Davidson, don’t you?”

I had never really played that whole U.S. Made bullshit with what brand was better than the other. To me, I just wanted a motorcycle and cool t-shirts to match. Period. Harley Davidson SOFTAIL® SLIM™ throttler motorcycle racing team

The ugliness of the Harley Davidson reared its’ ugly face one evening when my wife and I visited a casino while our riding. We parked our V-Star in the required motorcycle parking area and were respectful not to park too close other bikes. We delivered a few Throttler Motorcycle magazines there as well.

As we were leaving the casino and prepping to ride home, I realized that someone had key scratched my teal green tank. I was floored. Who exactly was this childish coward of a person to destroy another person’s property? At the very least, this pig could have stayed and looked in my face!

I have no time for motorcycle riders that only see their brands. Let’s get this straight; Harleys are not 100 percent American made.

Now, I won’t go into the details, but you would be surprised where parts are made. They’re not made all in the Milwaukee plant!

All that said, in my mind’s eye a Harley motorcycle rides and drives only like a Harley. Of all of the motorcycles I’ve driven, I love my Harley. My wants to put rhinestones on her footpegs.

My current ride is a Harley Davidson 2004 Dyna Super Glide with black paint. Though, I do have my sights on the new SOFTAIL SLIM, pictured in this post. (Image credits to H-D)

Will I ever own another Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki or BMW motorcycle or dirt bike? Yes. Will I also own a Harley at the same time. Yes.

Ciao, Bella!

P.S. check out this awesome motorcycle photographer, Thede Photography.

Spinning Computer Wheels

For days upon days I have searched the Internet and magazines for an inexpensive and custom solution for a web design program to run on our PC laptop. My goal is a fresh new website design that will actually “work” correctly for SEO and grab attention of the site.brokenarrowwear, throttler, motorcycle, dirt, bike, magazine, IA, harley

Being a Macintosh user most of my life in the Art Scene, I am clueless when it comes to running a PC. And don’t get me started on mixing up the two different keyboards and key commands and misplacing my fingers just to copy and paste.

My search wielded many different types of free programs but they mostly come with some sort of restriction. Restrictions for either, importing, printing or saving have been placed in programs that eventually persuade the user to upgrade to the paid version of any said software.

The end result to my searching has been much wasted time and blurry eyes. I’ve spun my wheels watching sales tutorials and reading about who’s better than the other. The bottom line here is that I need to go back to my comfort zone of the Macintosh and sharpen my Dreamweaver skills.