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2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has been set for Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Tentative future dates have been set for the event through 2017, each around the same time, which should make planning easier for competitors, the legion of fans who attend the annual auto and motorcycle showdown atop the 14,100-foot mountain just west of Colorado Springs and local businesses and services.

Additional planning and study is being coordinated for the actual full race week schedule, with an announcement to come. The annual Fan Fest, which drew more than 30,000 fans to downtown Colorado Springs, will be Friday, June 28.

The PPIHC Board of Directors has announced the future tentative dates:

2014——June 29

2015——June 28

2016——July 3 (100th Anniversary Celebration (1916) on Monday, July 4)

2017——June 25

“We felt that it was practical to establish similar dates for the future for many reasons,” said PPIHC Chairman Tom Osborne. “It gives the drivers, racers, fans, sponsors, suppliers and the many businesses and organizations that support the race a clear path to plan ahead for race week, and that can be helpful as the race continues its amazing growth.”

The 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on August 12 this summer had it all for thousands of fans and the drivers and racers who came to Colorado Springs for the race, delayed from its original date of July 8 by the horrific Waldo Canyon Fire.

The 37-day delay brought fans of the nation’s second-oldest motor sports race everything they ever dreamed of, and more.

It turned out to be the fastest of them all since it began in 1916.

A total of eleven new records had been set by drivers and racers from 14 countries and the benefits of a fully-paved course were obvious, and so were the dangers and the speeds over the 12.41 mile, fully-paved course that includes 156 turns.

83 automobiles and 87 motorcycles were on hand at the start of a sunny, cloudless sky at the Rocky Mountain Ford Start Line, but by the end of a very long day, the summit of Pikes Peak endured snow, hail, rain and wind, with race officials shortening the course by almost 3,000 feet for the last pair of divisions. By then, the temperature on top was just 38 degrees.

Two major crashes and a flurry of red flags delayed the program for more than two hours, but before those, the now fully-paved course was turning over records as fast as one could blink.

The first five motorcycle divisions produced course records, highlighted by the blistering 9:52.819 turned in by Ducati’s Carlin Dunne in the 1205cc field, the best ever on the mountain by a motorcycle. It wiped out the old record of 11:11.329 that Dunne established last year as a rookie.

He needed the record because Greg Tracy was right behind him on his own Multistrada and ripped off a 9:58.262. That’s the stuff of legends, two bikes under ten seconds right away!

The stunner of the day came in the loaded Electric auto division, and it was a shock.

Japan’s Nobuhiro Tajima, who had won the last six Unlimited titles and who was the defending King of the Mountain, roared off in search of another course record. But a fire in his engine forced him to the side early. He climbed out of his auto and walked back to the start line.

But that only set the table for the drama that soon was to unfold.

French star Romain Dumas, winner of the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans, had entered the Pikes Peak Open as a rookie, but a rookie with worlds of experience and a great endurance performer. Veteran observers during the week noted his fast practice times and nodded.

Buckled into his sleek Porsche GR3R, Dumas roared through his 156 turns and obliterated Tajima’s course record set last summer with a fire-and-ice clocking of 9:46.181 that reverberated up and down the mountain, and around the racing world on the internet. There he was, atop America’s Mountain, with the fastest time ever.

Now came Rhys Millen for the 18th time on the Peak, the son of famed Rod Millen and an eight-time champion who originally was entered in Unlimited, but switched to Time Attack in the spring.

Mixed in a tough field with defending champion Brianne Corn, veteran Dave Kern and others, Millen had a goal – to return the record held by his father until 2011 to the Millen family in his familiar Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

No mechanical issues this time, no squishy brakes, no misses at all for the polished Californian by way of New Zealand.

When he got the flag at 14,100-feet and unbuckled himself, people were running to him from the Summit House, and they were yelling “9:46.164!” Millen heard it and believed it, and his arms went to the sky.

The record was back in the Millen family by the narrowest of margins.


2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Results


Automobile Classes


Time Attack:  Rhys Millen, Huntington Beach, CA……………………………9:46.164 (Course record)

Pikes Peak Open:  Romain Dumas, Basel, Switzerland…………………..9:46.181 (New Record)

Open Wheel:  Spencer Steele, Denver, CO………………………………….   4:13.240 @

Super Stock Car (Modified): Layne Schranz , Birmingham, AL)………4:21.290 @

Super Stock Car: Clint Vahsholtz, Woodland Park, CO…………………..  4:36.870  @

Vintage Auto RMVR:  Jess Neal, Colorado Springs, CO…………………. 12:03.858 (New RMVR Record)

Unlimited: David Donner, Colorado Springs…………………………………… 10:04.652

Electric Auto: Fumio Nutahara, Hokkaido, Japan……………………………. 10:15.380 (New Record)

Exhibition:  Rick Knoop, Laguna Beach, CA……………………………………. 10:56.240

Shortened course/weather


Motorcycle Classes

250cc:  Jason Archuleta, Colorado Springs, CO………………………………… …….11:41.015  (New Record)

450cc: Travis Newbold, Montrose, CO …………………………………………………….11:06.618  (New Record)

750cc:  Gary Trachy, Orange, CA…………………………………………………………….10:40.753  (New Record)

1205cc:  Carlin Dunne, Santa Barbara, CA…………………………………………… …9:52.819  (New Motorcycle Course Record)

Quad Modified:  Steve Tutt, Platte City, MO……………………………………………11:40.521  (New Record)

Sidecar:  John-Thomas Wood, Victorville, CA ……………………………………………11:41.406  (New Record)

Vintage:  Marc LaNoue, Houston, TX………………………………………………………..12:39.782  (New Record)

Exhibition Powersport:  Doug Siddens, Austin, TX ………………………………….10:40.669

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When is summer riding over?

motorcycle magazine throttler mag

Throttler Magazine Models wanted!

It’s a painful aspect of living in the Midwest that we have 4 true seasons. Sure, it’s nice to experience the seasons but in fact, they are fairly extreme here in Iowa.

We range from drought to 500 year flooding all the way to record snow falls. It’s an old saying around the parts to say “Wait a minute, it’s Iowa. The weather will change in a few minutes.” And for the most part that’s true.

And to all of this, it diversely affects our motorcycle riding time and abilities here. Just once I would like to like in a state or region that the weather allows year round riding. Because 6 months of good weather just isn’t enough.

Looks like there should be talk in my family for a move in the near future!

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Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally

Well, it looks like the Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally didn’t get the attention it needed. We’ve heard lots of good things and lots of grumplings from people. Some saying it was too expensive and a much needed rain storm that moved through the state made for poor attendance.

Many of the people that did go said waiting in line to see Son of Anarchy stars was dissapointing. For some reason there were “special” wristbands given to a select few. We’re not sure what was behind all of that.

“I have to say I was extremely upset when I arrived on the 28th and found out that Jax was there the night before when he was suppose to be there on the 28th,  had a friend who flew here from Boston that bought a ticket for the 28th just to meet Jax! Just wish when the schedule got change people who bought tickets ahead of time would have been notified.” Facebook post

“Thanks for the amazing weekend! My only complaint is the fact that it was never announced that we needed a wristband in order to see Charlie (Jax) Waited in line for over 6 hours to leave without an autograph. Lots of pics though and did get to meet Ryan (Opie) yesterday so it’s all good! :) Will be back again next year for sure!” Facebook post

Needless to say, we did make the trip ourselves only to have a dead battery after a stop at the famous Thirsty Turtle bar in Colo Iowa. Thanks to some good people there we got a jump – no, i couldn’t pop the clutch – and we were off to the rally in Newton. However the rain and lightening storm put a huge damper on our experience.

Hopefully they will get a better turnout next year.

The Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally

With engines rolling full steam ahead The Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally at the Iowa Speedway July 25 – 28th announces headlining acts and the substantial support of both state and county wide officials. Kicking off Wednesday night is Black Oak Arkansas and Head East, with Lynard Skynard tribute band Edge of Forever opening. Pyrotechnics ‘80s sensation Hairball lights up the rally on Thursday, and country star Joe Diffie and rock band Rev Theory make for a high octane Friday. Blue Oyster Cult and Eddie Money tip the scales of awesome nostalgia rock for Saturday. Comedian Gallagher was to perform but due to health reasons was forced to cancel his appearance and the rally production team wishes the legend a speedy recovery.
Daily doses of super charged Sturgis and Daytona bands include Jasmine Cain, Ryan Rolando and Farrell Webber Band. Celebrity meet and greets include FX Networks Sons of Anarchy Stars Katey Sagal “Gemma” and Charlie Hunnam “Jax,” along with The History Channel’s American PIckers star, Danielle Colby Cushman. Hosted by Jay Allen, Iowa Grand events including tribute rides, bike rodeo, swap meet, sportbike track days, vintage and custom bike shows and much more can be found at Jay Allen’s Builder Invitational will feature the amazing talent of unknowns that have been developing great builds behind garage doors to the established industry giants like Papa Clutch and PB Choppers.
The significant planning and hard work of the Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally team has been impressive to the community at large. Governor Terry Branstad expressed the state’s support of the rally by passing a new Iowa DOT bill. “We are excited to support events like the Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally that promote tourism and support the economic health and wellbeing of Iowa. To encourage the success of the Iowa Grand, a new DOT bill was passed that will allow the sale of new and used motorcycles at events off dealer property.”
The Iowa Grand has all the makings of a major motorcycle rally and we’re excited to be the official Harley Davidson dealership of the rally,” said Dan Moellers, coowner of Big Barn Harley-Davidson in Des Moines. “Right in the thick of a great rally event in our home state, customers from all over can check out our new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and take demo rides on new bikes through the rolling hills surrounding Newton.” Plus, Big Barn is providing a 2012 HarleyDavidson motorcycle to be raffled off for charity, as-well-as on-site service technicians, and will be selling official Harley-Davidson merchandise at the event.
The City of Newton is creating a weekly bike night called Thunder Nights during the summer months to support the Inaugural Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally. “Our community is really looking forward to all the bikes and people coming to Newton for the first ever Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally,” said Mayor of Newton, Chaz Allen. “On top of the rally, several members of our community have banded together to create Thunder Nights in Newton. The big rally at the speedway in July and Thunder Nights throughout the summer will create a lot of excitement in Newton.
The City of Newton committee is also planning a welcome pig roast to all rally attendees which will be held in the city square on Thursday, July 26th. The Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally is expected to draw several thousand motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide to the area.
Go to and more information and to buy tickets on sale now! Early bird special pricing: $75 for 4-day pass includes free tent camping. Offer ends May 31st. Self-contained RV camping is an additional $50. Day passes are also available. 866-787-8946.About Iowa Speedway: Iowa Speedway is a state-of-the-art 7/8 mile asphalt paved tri-oval race track and motorsports facility located just 30 miles east of Des Moines at I-80 Exit 168 in Newton, Iowa. The track is owned and operated by U.S. Motorsport Corporation and designed by former NASCAR Champion Rusty Wallace, now an anchor and analyst for ABC-TV/ESPN. Iowa Speedway is designed for year-round use and includes 30,000 permanent grandstand seats. Call 1-866-RUSTY-GO, visit, “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @IowaSpeedway to learn more.
About Jay Allen Productions: Jay Allen is the creator of the World’s Biggest Biker Bar: The Broken Spoke Saloon and the Campground at Sturgis County Line. Jay is also emcee and a consultant for The Lone Star Rally, in Galveston, TX, emcee for Ohio Bike Week and Arizona Bike Week. A Land Speed Record holder on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Jay is an avid collector of motorcycles and has appeared on countless television programs, documentaries and DVDs about the motorcycle culture. He is the founder of Jay Allen Productions, a rally production company that includes multi-media film projects and Jay Allen’s Road Show, a traveling interactive motorcycle rally show. An innovator in the motorcycle industry, he is sponsored by
S&S Cycle, Baker Drivetrain and ONEsource Nutrition.

News from the American Motorcyclist Association

           Washington, D.C.: On April 19, the AMA sent a letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner urging the House to consider H.R. 3199 that would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to seek independent scientific analysis of the effects of E15 gasoline (85% gasoline, 15% ethanol) on engines as soon as possible.
            The AMA is concerned about E15 because it burns hotter than gasoline that contains a lesser amount of ethanol. In engines not designed to dissipate that extra heat, damage in the form of premature wear can result. Although this is a concern in all motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), it’s particularly problematic for air-cooled engines found in many bikes and ATVs.
            The new E15 gasoline formulation may soon appear at a fueling station near you, and you need to be careful how you use this new fuel blend. That is because the EPA, in October 2010, approved E15 for use in model year 2007 and newer light duty vehicles (cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty passenger vehicles). In January 2011, it added model year 2001-2006 light duty vehicles to the approved list. Riders should pay attention to this list because no motorcycles or ATVs are currently on the approved list. Moreover, the use of E15 may even void the manufacturer warranty.
            Source and full story:
            Phoenix, Ariz.: House Bill 2073, sponsored by Rep. Jerry Weiers (R-Glendale), would extend the period of time (from July 1, 2012 to July 2014) the state has to receive U.S. EPA approval to exempt motorcycles in the Phoenix area from vehicle emissions requirements. Gov. Janice Brewer signed the bill into law on Apr. 11.
            Irvine, Calif.: The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has released a new safety video highlighting the importance of motorcycle riders and their passengers wearing personal protective gear. “Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear,” based on the popular MSF safety poster of the same name, communicates a serious message in an entertaining manner.
            This two-and-a-quarter-minute video is now airing on the MSF websiteand YouTube channel. A high-definition version is available for use on broadcast or cable television, and a companion Spanish-speaking version is also available for viewing on the MSF homepage.
            Sacramento, Calif.: Assembly Bill 1047, introduced by Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries (R-Lake Elsinore), would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies that receive National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) grant money intended for motorcycle safety programs from using the money for motorcycle-only checkpoints (MOCs).
            The AMA and ABATE of California applaud Jeffries for this bill. It is similar to a bill introduced in North Carolina, which is now law. The North Carolina bill prevents law enforcement officials from implementing MOCs. To view the North Carolina bill, click here.
            The legislation was scheduled to be heard in the California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on May 8. See the Rights section for the latest information.
            Denver, Colo.: Gov. John Hickenlooper recently signed into lawHouse Bills 1023, 1153 and 1162. These bills instruct the Division of Motor Vehicles to begin issuing three new license plates, signifying the owner’s choice of support for fallen law enforcement officials, military recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross and veterans of Operation Desert Storm.
            Topeka, Kan.: House Bill 2459, sponsored by Rep. Tom Sloan (R-Lawrence), provides that applicants for class M licenses who have completed prior motorcycle safety training in accordance with Department of Defense instruction 6055.04 (DoDI 6055.04) are not required to complete further written and driving testing. Gov. Sam Brownback signed the bill into law on March 21.
            Frankfort, Ky.House Bill 328, sponsored by Rep. Royce. Adams (D-Dry Ridge), provides that the instruction permit to operate a motorcycle shall be valid for one year and may be renewed one time. A person whose motorcycle instruction permit has expired may apply to the circuit clerk to receive a motorcycle operator’s license or endorsement if the person presents proof of successful completion of a motorcycle safety education course approved by the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. Gov. Steve Beshear signed the bill into law on Apr. 11.
            Baton Rouge, La.: Senate Bill 168, also known as the “2012 Pickholtz Act,” which is sponsored by Sen. Gary Smith (D-Norco), would establish additional penalties for those found guilty of, or pleading nolo contender to, certain traffic violations that result in injury or death to other road users. The Senate passed the bill on May 2, sending it to the House for consideration.
            Leesville, La.: The Sandstone multi-use trail in the Kisatchie District of the Kisatchie National Forest (KNF) opened for the season on May 1. The 36 miles of designated trails for off-highway vehicles (OHV), hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders are located 40 miles north of Alexandria. The trails loop through upland pine forest and sandy hardwood bottoms, including sandstone bluffs and picturesque vistas.
            Visitors to the Sandstone multi-use trail, especially OHV riders, should be aware that due to recent flooding the trail is passable but areas may have some rutting or other flood-related damage.
            The day-use fee for the Sandstone multi-use trail is $5. KNF also offers a pass for those who use the trails on a regular basis. The annual Trail Use Pass is $50 (for ages 16 and up) and $25 (for ages 15 and younger) and is good for a calendar year. A pass can be purchased at any ranger district station or the U.S. Forest Service Supervisor’s Office in Pineville.
            For more information about the Sandstone multi-use trail or the Kisatchie Ranger District,
call (318) 472-1840 or log onto .

Thede motorcycle photography

As a motorcycle magazine that publishes high quality images all the time, we understand the importance of a professional motorcycle photographer.

missi thede photography and throttler mag

Missi Thede motorcycle photography

Anyone looking for the perfect photo shot knows it’s difficult to say the least. So why not call a professional?

Missi Thede shoots on private tracks or land, as well as outdoor portrait photography and offers graphic design services to blow you away!

Missi prides herself as being a member of the District 22 Club Council Active Board Member (Webmaster) and a member of AMA and ATVA, Iowa OHV and Trailblazers Off Road Club.

Throttler Motorcycle Magazine is a proud sponsor of Missi. She is also a sponsor and photographer for the Pierce Motorsports LLC, New Hartford Racing, Riverside Raceway, Fun Valley MotoX SeriesSunset Ridge MXIATVHSS and Hawkeye Downs. Cycle USA magazine and most recently and K&N Filters.

See her photography schedule for this year!

Missi says, “What I value the most is my loyal sponsorship of more than 350 riders for the 2012 season. I am 100 percent dedciated to everyone of my team riders and do my utmost best to be always involved with the racing sport. After all, isn’t it all about the team riders and the sponsorship promotion of the rider’s sport and industry?”

On a separate note: check out the new column “After the ride imbibe” from Throttler magazine –

My Harley Davidson

As I would ride down the road or roll up to a stop sign on my Yamaha V-Star, there was always that thing in the back of my head that kept saying, “You want a Harley Davidson, don’t you?”

I had never really played that whole U.S. Made bullshit with what brand was better than the other. To me, I just wanted a motorcycle and cool t-shirts to match. Period. Harley Davidson SOFTAIL® SLIM™ throttler motorcycle racing team

The ugliness of the Harley Davidson reared its’ ugly face one evening when my wife and I visited a casino while our riding. We parked our V-Star in the required motorcycle parking area and were respectful not to park too close other bikes. We delivered a few Throttler Motorcycle magazines there as well.

As we were leaving the casino and prepping to ride home, I realized that someone had key scratched my teal green tank. I was floored. Who exactly was this childish coward of a person to destroy another person’s property? At the very least, this pig could have stayed and looked in my face!

I have no time for motorcycle riders that only see their brands. Let’s get this straight; Harleys are not 100 percent American made.

Now, I won’t go into the details, but you would be surprised where parts are made. They’re not made all in the Milwaukee plant!

All that said, in my mind’s eye a Harley motorcycle rides and drives only like a Harley. Of all of the motorcycles I’ve driven, I love my Harley. My wants to put rhinestones on her footpegs.

My current ride is a Harley Davidson 2004 Dyna Super Glide with black paint. Though, I do have my sights on the new SOFTAIL SLIM, pictured in this post. (Image credits to H-D)

Will I ever own another Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki or BMW motorcycle or dirt bike? Yes. Will I also own a Harley at the same time. Yes.

Ciao, Bella!

P.S. check out this awesome motorcycle photographer, Thede Photography.

Spinning Computer Wheels

For days upon days I have searched the Internet and magazines for an inexpensive and custom solution for a web design program to run on our PC laptop. My goal is a fresh new website design that will actually “work” correctly for SEO and grab attention of the site.brokenarrowwear, throttler, motorcycle, dirt, bike, magazine, IA, harley

Being a Macintosh user most of my life in the Art Scene, I am clueless when it comes to running a PC. And don’t get me started on mixing up the two different keyboards and key commands and misplacing my fingers just to copy and paste.

My search wielded many different types of free programs but they mostly come with some sort of restriction. Restrictions for either, importing, printing or saving have been placed in programs that eventually persuade the user to upgrade to the paid version of any said software.

The end result to my searching has been much wasted time and blurry eyes. I’ve spun my wheels watching sales tutorials and reading about who’s better than the other. The bottom line here is that I need to go back to my comfort zone of the Macintosh and sharpen my Dreamweaver skills.